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In accordance with Georgia laws, the Rockcliff Condominium Association is a legally registered as a Georgia nonprofit corporation with the Secretary of State and has written articles of incorporation that are on file with the Secretary's Office. You can access our articles of incorporation by clicking on the link below:

Rockcliff Condo Articles of Incorporation

Pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation, operation of the Rockcliff Condominium Association, our Home Owner's Association, is governed by written By-Laws that have been formulated in accordance with the Georgia Condominium Act. Our By-Laws include two documents, our original By-Laws and an Amendment to the original document. You will need click on both of the links below to download both in order to have a complete set of our By-Laws (these are large files, so give them some time to download):

Rockcliff Condominium Association By-Laws

Amendments to the By-Laws

Our Association also has some additional rules and regulations that apply to all Unit owners. You can find these by clicking on the Rules and Regulations link in the left column.

All of the documents referenced on this page are in a PDF format that can be printed or saved with Adobe Acrobat. To save any of these documents, just click on “File” in the menu bar on the document, select “Save a copy,” and click on “OK” in the next dialog box. If you have problems in accessing these documents, please contact one of our current board members listed under the Contact US link in the left column.