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Insurance Documents

Rockcliff Condominiums are currently insured through Dreher Insurance Agency. If you are buying, selling or refinancing, you may need an insurance certificate for your closing. The most effective way to obtain this is to have your bank or lender call the insurance agency directly. Lenders are generally specific as to what they want listed on that certificate so you can avoid delays by having them contact the agency directly. You may also need to provide proof of insurance to your mortgage company, upon request. You should also refer those request directly to the Dreher Insurance agency.

Our insurance agent is Joe Dreher and you can contact him by phone at 678-205-0224 or you can e-mail him at joe@dreherinsurance.org .

Each homeowner should be aware that they need to maintain individual homeowners insurance in addition to the policy maintained by the homeowners association. The attached document will provide you with additional information on this subject.

Important Insurance Information

This document is in a PDF format that can be printed or saved with Adobe Acrobat. To save any of these documents, just click on “File” in the menu bar on the document, select “Save a copy,” and click on “OK” in the next dialog box. If you have problems in accessing these documents, please contact one of our current board members listed under the Contact Us link in the left column.