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News and Notes

Monthly Extermination

We have monthly extermination services. The monthly service is generally done around the perimeter of the complex, and this seems to have worked well for us. If you have a bug/pest problem in your individual Unit or in your building, please let us know so we can arrange to have the exterminator come into you Unit or building to do additional spraying that may be necessary. We can only provide this extermination service if have provided the Board with a key to access your Unit. If you want to provide us with a key to or if you want to arrange for some alternative way for us to access your Unit on the day the exterminator is here, you should contact one of the Board members listed under the Contact US link in the left column.

Parking and Safety

Please remember to ask your visitors to park in a visitor's parking space. Visitor spaces are clearly marked and are available on both sides of the complex. We have very limited parking and cannot guarantee that more than the one space allotted to each Unit will be available for your permanent use. If someone is parked in your assigned space, you should contact one of our current board members listed under the Contact Us link in the left column. However, Board members cannot address problems with visitor spaces unless you have noticed a vehicle that appears to be abandoned in one of our visitor spaces.

We also want to remind all residents that they should help to ensure the safety of their vehicles and their possessions by not leaving valuables in their cars.